About Me

Personal Information


Name: Ivari Horm
Gender: Male
Location: Rannamõisa-Tallinn, Estonia
Date of birth: 25. March 1981
Marital status: Single
Nationality: Estonian
E-mail: ivarihorm.ee
WWW: http://ivari.horm.ee
GSM: +372 5279447
Skype: theranger
Driving license: Category B
Points of presence: Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Diigo


Friends tend to say that this person is friendly, has good communications skills, likes to talk about anything and just loves technology. He is punctual, has high quality standards and demands, enjoys creating new services or adding additional value to existing ones.

He always does his best to keep the promises and deliver everything in a timely manner.



  • Estonian as a native language
  • Fluent English both in oral and written form
  • Russian at the communication level, more speaking than writing
  • Have studied French some time ago, but it needs a refreshment

Supplemental Courses

  • ECDL – The European Computer Driving License (seven modules)
  • ICT manager’s role and functions (in Merlecons ja Ko)
  • Administration of Linux systems (in BCS Koolitus)
  • Windows Scripting Host and Visual Basic (in BCS Koolitus)
  • Using Windows Management Instrumentation (in BCS Koolitus)
  • Occasional attendee of Microsoft Eneta community seminars

Work Experience

Social Skills

  • Enjoys meeting with different people in various ages and social groups
  • Empathic and gentle by nature, good-hearted as said by others
  • Tries to comprehend chat partners, accepts different beliefs and view points
  • Although with a strong personality and confident opinions, still spiced with a good dose of diplomacy and humor
  • By all means practical in everyday life, never making imprudent decisions
  • Even if opened to new contacts, home and soul is securely hidden behind protective walls
  • Not afraid to speak in front of public if needed to; likes to speak a lot if possible in any language possessed
  • Prefers attending a reasonable discussion over any social games or silly pranks

Technological Competences

  • ECDL seven modules (Estonian site) give all basic computer skills
  • Web programming experience (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.)
  • Perl and C was needed during server management tasks
  • Experimented with C# to provide semi-automated computer hardware auditor
  • Experimented with Java for simple desktop productivity solutions
  • Set up Apache Tomcat, IIS, Netty and Jetty for various web services
  • Configured and maintained mail hosts using Postfix, AMaViS, ClamAV, SpamAssassin and Cyrus IMAPd
  • Experience in programming C++ and embedded systems
  • Some experience in programming Android and iPhone mobile applications
  • Familiar with BSD (FreeBSD), GNU/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint), Windows systems and servers
  • VMWare ESXi, Linux-KVM and VirtualBox software provide virtualization solutions for various operating systems
  • PF and ports system under BSD and kernel compilation under GNU/Linux are familiar
  • Used Cisco Catalyst and HP ProCurve CLIs and configured Mikrotik routers
  • SNMP with Cacti draw all the graphs, Nagios was monitoring server health
  • Have used Chillispot captive portal with Kerberos and LDAP to provide public WiFi access
  • Configured Ubiquiti UniFi access points to use WPA2-Enterprise with Microsoft RADIUS server accounting and authorization
  • Both relational (MySQL, PostgreSQL) and non-relational (LDAP, BerkeleyDB, Google Protobuf) databases were used to store data
  • Managed Windows and Samba domains with more than 200 workstations using either Group Policy or WPKG distribution system

Recent Tasks

  • Programming embedded and mobile systems for Artec Design
  • Doing various tiny programming projects
  • Created both desktop accounting software in Java and mobile version in Android for people traveling abroad to provide electronic diary and overview of expenses and payments
  • Programming communication system and public website for Tallinn School No. 21
  • Maintaining a RISK Server (programming and computer courses)


  • Traveling abroad, especially by car and with a tent, either alone or with a group of friends
  • Hiking in the mountains with a backpack, flashlight and a bottle of water
  • Wandering around in small villages not overcrowded by tourists, contemplating foreign local life
  • Swimming in warm crystal clear blue seas, enjoying summer weather and sun
  • Cycling, running cross-country or jogging
  • Walking in the woods, discovering neighborhood
  • Making photographs, emphasizing and sharing the quality
  • Writing short stories either in English or Estonian, inspired by nature, emotions or a particular situation
  • Reading books, watching movies (good adventure, science fiction or travelogues appeal most)
  • Played adventure game Encounter some time ago


  • Although it would be great, computer software will never be 100% free again
  • Although it would be great, computer software will never be 100% bugfree ever
  • Although it might be great, humans will never be free from technology again
  • The Matrix might or might not exist, but ignorance to a certain degree can definitely be a bliss
  • Subject of this CV does certainly not belong to Generation Y
  • In a computer world everything is possible. That’s why time estimations are always wrong.
  • In a human world everything is possible. That’s why thinking outside of the box is essential.


  • Favorites are objects that exist primary in a browser and are sometimes called bookmarks
  • Non-virtual favorites include orange and a apple (the fruit, not technology companies), vegetables with rice, fish, cheese
  • Ears, mind and soul like Dire Straits, Queen, Mike Oldfield, Blackmore’s Night, Jean Michel Jarre, Bon Jovi, Pet Shop Boys, George Ezra, Tangerine Dream, Avicii
  • Non-virtual bookmarks include Alexandre Dumas, Mikhail Bulgakov, Victor Hugo, Dan Brown, Jules Verne, J.R.R. Tolkien, “My World”-series travelogues (in Estonian)
  • In order to add more names: Tom Hanks, Nicholas Cage, John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Adam Sandler, Jackie Chan, Sandra Bullock
  • As well as many other music and film artists from ‘80s to ‘01s