Apache LDAP Virtual Hosting Module

This module enables configuring Apache virtual hosts from LDAP directory. Although there are many other similar modules available, some of them had to be compiled and updated manually, others did not have all the required functionality available or had unnecessary complexity.

So I created a stripped-down minimal version that suits for my needs. I left out all PHP and aliasing options, since I have never used them with any other LDAP configuration module either. What I had missed though, was setting the user name from LDAP that should be picked up by Apache ITK MPM.

Although mod_vhostx already had that functionality, it required a whole posixAccount object class to be included and populated. Since I had a different LDAP structure, I needed something more minimalistic and versatile.

I also did not like the idea specifying raw uid and gid numbers as ITK MPM user. I would better store a user name in a custom Apache configuration attribute and the module would look up proper numerical values by itself. This way the module would be loosely coupled with LDAP directory structure. Performance hit, caused by additional lookups, can effectively be overcome by implementing caching.

For further technical information, installation and configuration guides, please see the source code repository.