Franz Kafka — Metamorphosis, Trial, Castle

Quite often a statement stating that we live in a Kafka’s style world can be heard. This should make any listener wonder, what is that world that Kafka has described, which can be used as a descriptive example even a hundred years later.

Ernest Hemingway — For Whom the Bell Tolls

I love Hemingway starting from the first book of his I read. With frankness and purity he draws an honest picture of inevitability that each war consists of. Being so vivid in it's simplicity, his stories actually resemble more of a photograph than a painted picture. Nevertheless, simplicity must not be mistakenly apprehended as incapability or inaptness. Despite being simple in his form, Hemingway's texts have always carried deeper message, subtext that needs to be dug out between the lines.

Dan Brown — Inferno

Tänane päev on möödunud kirjutamise lainel. Kuna olen endale võlgu ühe raamatuarvustuse, siis oleks paras aeg ka see valmis teha. Laiema auditooriumi huvides on see inglisekeelne, palun vabandust.